Useful resources

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Here are some other websites which contain useful resources relating to volunteering abroad


Ethical volunteering

Contains some useful advice about volunteering in an ethical way and choosing the right organisation, as well as a downloadable guide.

Giving Way

An online social network and community connecting grassroots organisations and volunteers.

More than Footprints

Travel features, articles and advice, with an emphasis on more meaningful or authentic travel, which includes content about volunteering abroad.

Transitions Abroad

Some good articles and advice in the Volunteer Abroad section, along with listings of organisations (see our advice about choosing the right organisation).

Volunteering Options

Produced by Irish development organisation Comhlámh, these are some of the most comprehensive guidelines for volunteers, written from an international development perspective.

Lots of resources, advice, articles and information from US-based organisation.

Voluntourism guidelines from

These are guidelines for organisations who run volunteering programmes, however they are really useful to read if you are thinking about volunteering as it shows the standard organisations should be aiming for.

World Service Enquiry

Information and advice on working in international development, with a good informative section on volunteering abroad.

Debate and discussion about overseas volunteering

Better Volunteering

A good starting point for highlighting the latest articles and debates (and sometimes controversies!), good and bad practice in international volunteering.

Guardian global development volunteerism livechat

This live-chat from April 2013 gives a lot of different perspectives on overseas volunteering and some of issues and current thinking about the sector.

The tragic rise of gap year voluntourism

This article has a controversial stance on gap year volunteering and while the tone is quite vitriolic, the underlying argument is relevant and the article generated many comments which are worth reading through.

Is gap year volunteering a bad thing?

Interesting viewpoint about the value of inexperienced gap year volunteers and the importance of learning before serving.

Volunteer tourism needs to go viral not parasitic

This blog from the Ethical Traveller blogger Catherine Mack has a lot of interesting reflections based on a debate at World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Day in London in November 2013 and really highlights some key issues with the volunteer tourism sector.


Just Giving

This UK-based fundraising site has some good tips on how to fundraise and you can also set up your own page which will allow your friends, family and colleagues to donate to one of the 8000 charities who are members - an easy way to get started with fundraising.

Volunteer Forever

This website also gives you the option to set-up your own page and fundraise directly towards to costs of your volunteer placement (rather than the money being allocated to a charity). There is a small fee charged for each donation, plus a Pay Pal fee. If you decide to go with this option, you'll need to be very transparent and accountable to your donors when it comes to spending the money you have raised. There is also a reviews section and some useful articles.


Guardian Development

News, features and some good infographics about global development issues.

Open University global development management

Free learning resources on Global Development from the Open University.


A useful website which shares best practice, resources and research about international development.